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Shanghai Qiankang medical technology co. LTD

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Shanghai Qiankang medical care company is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. It is a leading domestic enterprise in the field of brain power technology. Since 2003, Shanghai dry kang medical in imitation of bioelectricity, on the basis of treatment equipment, through the research and development and application of computer simulation technology, developed the more that can be set in the human body to accept and curative effect of eeg treatment equipment, by the national recognition and trust of users!

After years of research and development in the field of medicine, Shanghai dry health care is more dedicated to the application and service of sound, light and electrical technology in the medical field. No matter where the products of Shanghai dry health care are used, it embodies our professionalism and enthusiasm. We hope to work with more friends to help our countrymen get better and better medical services.

Shanghai Qiankang medical science and technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sale of medical devices with independent intellectual property rights.

The company was established in 2003, the company personnel structure, the senior personnel account for more than 50% and has a fixed university research collaboration team. Companies are currently towards high-tech product development ability and certain production and sales of direction development, production-oriented enterprises.

Company currently CVFT series products that have been put into operation in eeg bionic electrical stimulator with independent intellectual property rights technology patent products , and in 2011 issued by the national copyright administration of China computer software copyright registration certificate (certificate no. : soft the word no. 0270525), in 1998 was awarded the first international "Newton" highest gold award, and the 19th annual award for the best invention project in Shanghai.

The company has established six sales regions, including Shanghai, east China, southwest, zhongyuan, south China and north China, and has established a nationwide sales network. Company is also working on all kinds of sound, light, electricity, the auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of the wave, gradually built up a modern management of a certain scale of high-tech medical equipment research and development, production and sales enterprises. Dedicating the research and development of the scientific and technological achievements to all mankind!

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