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1, file notice: visit the organization issued by the organizer file, sent to the local city and county health bureaus and hospitals, by country, the Municipal Health Bureau of Hospital, chief of equipment and specialists to visit negotiations, purchase orders.
2, have visited: contact other provinces and cities by the organizers of the Health Department (Bureau), the Medical Association, invited the group to visit.
3, guests: Friendly City dock at all levels of city and neighboring hospital, chief of equipment, specialists, etc., township hospitals, clinics and other health care agencies, the equipment distribution agents.
4, major publicity plan: carefully selected well-known newspapers and magazines published in professional website and event information, including: MDS medical network, medical equipment, information network, health care business networks, information networks and other medical equipment more than 100 professional media, to improve the visibility of the show and influence.
5, direct invitation: The organizing committee staff, call the contact at all levels of each hospital department, and staff visits to the organization and delivery of exhibition posters and tickets.
6, sweepstakes program: the issuance of a large number of invitations, invitations, tickets, posters and other promotional materials, monthly to neighboring provinces and cities hospitals, health centers and clinics by mail, allow hospitals, health centers and clinics to keep abreast of the progress of the exhibition and exhibitors information .
7, show posters: posters, including support papers, the breeze situation, exhibitors interview, introduce exhibits, etc., posters will be mailed in batches provincial health bureau, hospitals, health centers, clinics and other units.
8, the dedicated website: site includes show profiles, profile exhibitors, exhibitors advertising, the creation of never-ending show, to the provincial and municipal health agencies on the situation previous exhibitors.

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